Classic Stairs Renovations in the GTA

Classic Stairs

Although there has been a shift towards more modern designs, traditional or classic staircases will always remain a popular feature of Canadian architecture. This is due to the stunning handcrafted elements that are so common of this style, from continuous handrails and feature posts to Canadian hardwoods and decorative balusters.

“To us, classic design is a collision between traditional features and modern technology that makes stairs more robust and efficient”.

Classic stairs design often encompasses the following elements:

  • Designs that are square in nature (like modern styles) but that are constructed out of timber (like traditional styles)
  • Limited details that don’t detract from the overall aesthetic appeal
  • Designs that feature timber over other materials

Stairs + Colour

Choosing the right colour for classic stairs in the GTA can really make or break its design. We can help you to decide whether paint or stain is a better finish for a traditional staircase based on other design elements used throughout your home, as well as help you to navigate the many colour options available.

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