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When renovating your home, consider renovating your staircase to add something special to your home that can make a significant improvement to your internal space.

While in some instances it's best to redo the entire staircase, simply renovating the balustrade and handrails can make a big impact. We can also reclad your existing treads and risers with new wood to give it a whole new look or to blend in with your new flooring.

There are many options and designs to choose from to give your staircase that new or contemporary look you are after.
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Pro-Installers Takes Stairs to a whole new level. From Modern to Contemporary. Our projects strive for progression and innovation, in a process that finds a balance between design, craft, and technology.

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All our crew's are fully licensed and insured to protect your project incase of any accident or damage arising from the work.

Styles of Stairs


With a growing range of materials and finishes to choose from Pro-Installers can help you find a staircase design that caters to your personal style and the size of your space. From open stairs, cut stairs and traditional stairs through to modern stairs and contemporary stairs, we've got the expertise to design, build and install absolutely beautiful staircases in your home. We have created thousands of staircase designs in the past, so are confident that we can create one that meets your needs.

Modern Staircases Renovation and Build Toronto, Brampton, Oakville, Missisauga and the GTA

Modern Stairs

If you're looking to create openness in your home then modern stairs are the perfect addition.

Contemporary Stairs

A style that is difficult to define because of its fluid nature, contemporary stairs essentially reflect current trends.

Feature Stairs

Ultimately, there is no particular combination of elements that come together to make a feature stair. Instead, it's about the choices you make through the design process that turn it into something unique, something you've never seen before.

Steel Stairs

If you're looking for superior strength, we could be just the steel staircase manufacturers you've been looking for. Steel has a number of advantages over other materials including strength and durability as well as provides the opportunity for slim architectural designs to be engineered.

Classic Stairs

Although there has been a shift towards more modern designs, traditional or classic staircases will always remain a popular feature of Canadian architecture. This is due to the stunning handcrafted elements that are so common of this style, from continuous handrails and feature posts to Australian hardwoods and decorative balusters.



An essential component of any staircase, balustrading provides a safe and secure barrier for anyone ascending or descending your stairs. Stair balustrades can also be used to visually separate your staircase from the rest of the room or as a barrier on balconies, landings and other edges both internally and externally.

Wood Balustrades Staircase renovations in the GTA, Ottawa, Vancouver, oakville, newmarket

Wood Balustrades

One of our most popular choices, wood balustrades in the GTA are quite a versatile choice and will suit a variety of staircase styles. We have the skills, expertise and experience needed to create balusters of all shapes and sizes.

Wrought Iron Balustrade Staircase's Renovations in (GTA) Toronto, Missisauga, Brampton, Ottawa and Vancouver

Wrought Iron

Why not think outside the box with a wrought iron balustrade in the GTA? With the right design, this balustrading can turn even the blandest of front hallways into a grand entrance to be proud of. We have also found that this material is a fantastic accompaniment to more geometrical staircases.

Stainless Steel Balustrade Staircase Renovations in the GTA (Toronto), Missisauga, Ottawa, Vancouver and Edmonton

Stainless Steel

A popular choice for homeowners wanting to give their staircases a more modern edge, stainless steel balustrades offer a number of advantages. They are incredibly long lasting, require very little maintenance and offer substantial strength. Rest assured that they will withstand the steps of time.

Glass Balustrade Renovations in Toronto (GTA), Brampton

Glass Balustrade

If you want to make the most of your home’s views or you want the staircase to seemingly melt into nothingness, glass stair balustrades in Canada are the solution. The clear panes of glass provide you with unobstructed views of the room below whilst offering a secure barrier against falls.

Wire Balustrade Staircase Renovation in Toronto (GTA), Brampton, Oakville

Wire Balustrade

Relatively new to the scene, stainless wire balustrades in Canada are becoming an increasingly popular choice. It runs from one end of the staircase to the other, with wood or stainless steel posts to provide stability.

Bespoke-Bathroom-Renovation Sydney


What if your staircase consists of half height (or dwarf) walls in place of the traditional balustrade? Many homeowners opt to include plaster walls as a way of improving privacy or lessening noise travelling between levels. Perfectly finish your staircase's half height walls.

Newel-Tops Balustrades Renovations in the GTA, Vancouver and Ottawa

Newel Tops

These crafty little decorative features are added to the posts of your staircase, giving them that final finishing touch. They can then be painted or stained to match the rest of your staircase.

Why you should choose Pro-Installers

Pro-Installers is dedicated to providing you with quality, affordable staircase renovation services across Canada. We believe in pouring our hearts and souls to making your staircase everything you want and then more. As renovators, our job is to make sure that your stairs tell a story. Our experince is to help you make the right choices that are informed to evoke emotions, our fixtures and fittings are designed to deliver quality and our projects are more than ideas. They are as unique as every client we serve. Here are eight reasons you should choose our bathroom renovation services:

  • Free in-home consultations
  • Expert designing and planning
  • Straightforward process
  • Timely service delivery
  • Fixed quotes without any hidden costs
  • Fully licensed
  • Fully insured
  • 1 Year Warranty on All Installations