Classic Stairs Renovations in the GTA

Wire Balustrades

Relatively new to the scene, stainless wire balustrades in the GTA are becoming an increasingly popular choice. It runs from one end of the staircase to the other, with timber or stainless steel posts to provide stability. Wire rope balustrades are tensioned using turnbuckles at fixing points along the handrail to keep them taut and in place.

"Glass balustrade systems are a popular choice for modern and contemporary homes, but can also work with the classic style." Steel wire balustrade kits provide just as much safety as other systems; the wires are placed close enough together that no body parts can be forced between them.

We have a number of options to choose from, including:

  • Suits many staircase styles (namely modern and contemporary)
  • Horizontal wire balustrade installation with a spacing of 100mm
  • Wires passed through wood posts or welded to stainless steel posts

Wire Balustrades and Outdoors

If you have an external staircase or balcony, a wire balustrade could add just the touch youve been looking for. As stainless steel is resistant to rusting, corrosion and water staining, it is perfect for use outdoors where it might be exposed to the elements.

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classic staircase design