Classic Stairs Renovations in the GTA

Wrought Iron Balustrades

Why not think outside the box with a wrought iron balustrade in the GTA? With the right design, this balustrading can turn even the blandest of front hallways into a grand entrance to be proud of. We have also found that this material is a fantastic accompaniment to more geometrical staircases.

"From the simple to the outrageous, wrought iron balustrading is the perfect accent to any home that will stand the steps of time".

We have a number of options to choose from, including:

  • Constructed using black etched wrought iron, which means that it is quite weather resistant
  • Choice of simple, intermediate and premium combinations (depending on the amount of detail)
  • Designs to suit all staircase styles (from feature to classic)

Wrought Iron Balustrades and Spacing

There are strict regulations in place here in Canada that must be met when installing balustrading. Balusters therefore cannot be placed any further than 100mm (3-7/8-inch) apart. We can help you to navigate the laws, ensuring that the finished result is visually appealing and safe for your family.

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classic staircase design
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traditional staircase
traditional staircase design